Letter from the Pastor

He was hitchhiking on the dusty road when he was picked up, and given a ride by the wagon driver.  Yes, it was good not to be walking any longer.  As they traveled along, they came across a beautiful field, ripe with all kinds of vegetables.  The driver was fascinated, tempted, and eventually just stopped the wagon.  He explained to his rider that he was going to pick some food for supper, and asked the rider to stand by as a watch person - just in case someone saw them.

It was merely a moment, when the rider called out. "We've been seen! We've been seen!" The driver jumped back into the wagon and took off like mad.  After a while the driver called down, and looking around, observed that he could see nobody around.  He asked, "Who saw us?"  Thoughtfully, the rider answered, "God did."

Is that a comforting thought, or is that scary for you?  After all, we are Americans and we love our privacy.  Nobody should know what I watch on TV, whom I call on the phone, or what sites that I visit on the internet.  We have laws, everyone knows, that protects my right to do what I want, when I want.  It's not your business to poke your nose into my personal business.  Or is it?

If God knows us intimately, knows how we were made, and has numbered our days before they even came about: how can we flee from his presence?  If neither the depths of the sea or the far-away places of the world can hide us, where can we pretend to shield ourselves from God?  If darkness or cold, or location cannot keep us out of God's vision, what do we do with our sins and failings?  What do we do with our failures and shame?

Thanks be to God, he is a forgiving God: therefore he is to be feared.  What god is like our God?  He knows us and yet loves us. In Jesus he forgave all our sins, even before they were committed.  So we can be known, and yet not die of shame.

Then we have the other side of God knowing us and seeing all we do.  God can protect us, and provide for us.  We can be filled with thanksgiving for life, health, the ability to have our feet hit the floor each morning.  He can see and know our struggles, our misgivings, our confusion and our need for his guidance and help.  He can send his angels to watch over, protect, lead and guide.

So, God is watching us, he is watching over us.  May you live with this knowledge, this joy, and this inner sense of contentment and peace.

See all of you this September as we continue to meet together to encourage and strengthen one another in our walk with Jesus.

God Bless,

Pastor Mark

comment posted by Lori Brightman on 02-15-2015
I love our church, our pastor, and our church family. I love God with all my heart, soul and mind. Our church family is awesome and we all try to help each other through prayer, support, and as Methodist's there is always food involved. Our church is filled with the light of the Holy Spirit and we love visitors.God bless you, and please feel welcome to visit us or contact us to see how we can welcome you to our family.